I’m Nathalie Sejean, I’m a Story Fabricator,
and I help people activate their Creativity.

PS: I’m French-Lebanese.In other words: my sometimes unconventional or odd use of the English language is charming. Right? right.


I am currently developing the feature film In 5 Years that I wrote and will direct, I co-founded Activate Creativity to offer practical online programs for people to reconnect, nurture and stretch their creative muscle, and I’m half of the creative head that is GizLie.

Before that, I was first a bookseller in Paris, then a filmmaker in Los Angeles, and I became a story-fabricator in Istanbul. I taught myself how to write, direct, edit and draw, I made short narratives, short documentaries, interactive animations, wrote lyrics for bands and published a graphic novel.

I also created a blog, where I curate interestingness since 2011 for filmmakers and storytellers living in the 21st century.

I find purpose in creating the stories I need to tell and in empowering others to activate back their creative muscle. If you are curious, like to question everything and make stuff, we should hang out, we’ll probably get along.

I love storytelling and experimenting. Since I wasn’t 20 in the ’60s, I’m glad to be 34 in 2017 because I think the Internet is awesome and that more than ever, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and imagination.

You can find me on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, or send an email.

Press & Interviews:

Coffee with Creatives Podcast (2017)Filmmaker Magazine (2016), Le Blog du Cinéma (2016) No Film School (2016), Filmback Podcast (2015), Cinephilia & Beyond (2014), Red Shark (2014)

Featured Writing: