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I am currently offering three online creative programs:

To discuss working on a writing project, a directing project, a podcast, or for a personalized creative program, you can email me at nathaliesejean@mailo.com


Mastermind is a one-on-one program where I follow and support you in your journey to develop one of your creative projects, may it be a screenplay, a film, a book, a podcast, an album. Ideal if you’re ready to invest in your creativity and are determined to give life to your idea(s).
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Accountable is an online program that’s been running since 2018 where participants have 24 days to write a short film screenplay following a set of creative constraints. It’s a program that pushes you to actually write and finish a story. Ideal if you’re looking to exit the theory of screenwriting and looking to challenge your imagination and creative muscle.
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FAIRE is an online workshop available as a replay (in French for now) where I share all the tools and tactics I’ve learned to help me transform an idea into a project and make sure I get the most out of its process and enjoy the actual process.
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