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Below is a non-exhaustive selection of projects I’ve completed over the recent years. What interests me here is to showcase the variety of projects I’ve tackled along with the range of mediums used to complete them.


The first podcast epistaudio

I co-created and co-directed the podcast CONSCIENCE, the first epistaudio fiction. The listeners got to discover the story of Maxine and Charlotte solely through the Audio WhatsApp Messages they sent each other in real-time. This audio experience was listened to more than 150 000 times in 13 days.
IG: @consciencepodcast.
Release date: Octobre 7, 2019.

Mentorless Podcast: Long-form interviews in English with fellow storytellers and filmmakers to deconstruct the making of one particular project (feature film, video essays, web series, short film etc). 1 Season of 10 episodes released between January and June 2018. Available on all podcast’s platforms.

“All Witnesses: onWork”. Audio documentary created with French stage director Chloe Brugnon. We recorded different groups of people talking about work. What does working mean to them? Is it necessary? Is it mandatory? Hours of recording were collected to then become this audio object of 17 minutes that creates a Chinese Portrait about Work. The audio documentary was played at La Comédie de Reims in November 2016.


I wrote and directed the Short Film Chloe and Everyone in Her Pocket shot in English and in Istanbul- Turkey at the end of June 2018. Produced by Solis Film & Survivance. Release date: June 13, 2019

I directed the webseries Psychiatr-E produced by Golden Moustache and distributed on Pickle TV, a cable channel of Orange (4 episodes). Release Date: March 9, 2019

“Ticking Bomb”- Created and Directed an interactive animation for the contest organized by the Tribeca Film Festival and Genero TV. (Finalist) Release Date: 2014

“Moon Maker” Directed a video following the creative process of French artist Maud Gironnay as she creates a monotype. Release Date:

My Year With a GoPro, experimental video made of 365 timelapses recorded in 2013 with a GoPro. Release: 2014


One of the five artists selected to showcase my work on the Crédit Agricole Nord Est pavillon during the Contemporary Art Fair in Reims on October 4, 5 and 6 2019. Presented drawings in ink.

“Creativity Without Borders”. Exhibition of drawings and paintings with the artist Gizem Evcin at the Studio Pastel, in Rheims, throughout January 2018. Click here to see pictures.

“100 Stories From My Pocket” For 100 consecutive days, I created 100 stories mixing pictures taken with my smartphone (a Samsung Note 4) and drawing made directly on my phone’s screen. Click here to discover all the drawings. 

100 days of Ronda.”  For 100 consecutive days I drew 100 different Ronda Bazooka. Click here to discover the drawings.

“Teita” Created and published an illustrated book dedicated to my Lebanese grandmother. Click here to discover the drawings and video animations. Click here to purchase the book. Published January 2017.

Sometimes Infinity Only Lasts 147 Pages” Created a graphic novel about creative burnout. Click here to purchase the book. Published in 2015.


Gave a TED Talk at Rheims TEDx on November 23rd, 2018 titled: “How to become a good story.


Created the piece CARTE DE VISITES (wood // 2m40x1m20) during the first year of residency for Géographie du Sensible at Maison Vide. The piece was exhibited outdoor between July 14 and September 15, 2019.
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