FR: 30 Days of Teita est mon premier challenge creatif en 2017. Il a pour sujet ma grand-mère, un personnage haut en couleur qui ne se censurait jamais et avait l’habitude de sortir des phrases mémorables. Ce challenge créatif fut partagé “live” du 4 Janvier au 2 Février 2017 sur Instagram, Facebook et Twitter sous le hashtag: #30daysofteita.

ENG: 30 Days of Teita is my first creative challenge of 2017. It is dedicated to my grandmother, who was an unforgettable character with a sharp tongue, loads of wit and plenty of anecdotes in her pocket. This is a way for me to go through notes and memories I’ve collected and promised myself I would revisit without making the time for it. The creative challenge is my Trojan Horse to take my first baby step. If you’d like to find the drawings individually and share them, here they are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (a bit harder to find).

DAY 1/30: Ronda:”look teita”
Teita “Who is this?”
Ronda: “It’s the baby of a friend”
Teita “Yiiii, he is so skinny, it makes you want to cry!”

DAY 2/30: Teita: “I won’t go to her funeral.”
Ronda “Who died?”
Teita: “You don’t know her.”
Ronda: “A friend?”
Teita: “Yes, a friend.”
Ronda: “And you don’t want to attend her mass?”
Teita: “I don’t care, she won’t attend my funerals anyway.”

Day 4/30
Teita: “How is Sonia?” “She’s the one who should have died.”

DAY 5/30:
Teita: “Those bastards cut the head off a woman in the street.” “Ha, she had killed a baby, never mind.”

Day 6/30
Teita: “Annie’s daughter arrived yesterday. She’s leaving tomorrow.”
Mediteranean sense of drama

DAY 7/30
Teita: “These BASTARDS at Goole, I HATE them.” “I was writing you a letter on my computer and it disappeared.” “So I went on Google, where they say you can find anything, but I never found it!”

DAY 8/30
“Teita, I met someone.”
“Congratulations! What does she do?”
” She studies law, like me.”
“Wonderful, you’ll be able to sue each other.”

DAY 9/30
“I love football…” “I love it!” “But the background noise is so bothering! It’s like bees, it’s irritating!”

DAY 10/30 “That’s her ex-lover she had left at the end of the previous episode.”
Pre-Netflix/pre-smartphone binge-watching with friends.

DAY 11/30
Teita: “When a couple goes to a restaurant to have dinner together, they’re both on their mobile phones…” “IT’S DISGUSTING!”

DAY 13/30: Les anecotes communistes
“We went to Prague when it was still communist, there was not one lamp.” “Your uncle went there last week, the night was *a giorno*”

DAY 14/30: Teita-the-Geek
“If I use this computer, does it prevent you from working?”

DAY 15/30: Yin and Yang (pre-Trump)

Teita:”This bastard of politician, he’s a liar, he’s a thief!”
Daddy: “Stop shouthing Lily.” “It’s important to listen to the discourse of your enemy.”

DAY 16/30: Le jour où j’ai compris ce que je chantais…

DAY 16/30: The day I realised what I had been singing…
Teita: “I’m going to teach you a song.” “Sweetie, cutie, what are you doing here? // I’m sewing, I’m embroidering, I’m fixing leggings. // Your mum is calling, don’t you hear her? To prepare the soup for your father.” “Go on repeat with me.”

DAY 18/30:
Teita: “Penguins are pissing me off, they never sit.” “It’s exhausting me.”
Ronda: “That’s true…”

DAY 19/30: Ronda: “What are you doing Teita?”
Teita: “I’m writing my memoires on Google.” “The title will be: ‘The Life of a Woman.'” 

DAY 20/30: Teita “Ha, this is a romantic message…”

DAY 21/30: la fatigue vue du ciel

DAY 22/30: Teita: “You need the fingers of a premature baby to play with your mini-scrabble”
Say it like you feel it

DAY 23/30: Teita: “She’s boring me, she’s boring me, she’s boring me with her boring stories!” Phone: “allo?”

DAY 24/30: Parce que prison > fractures, c’est bien connu.

ENGLISH: DAY 24/30: Teita: “Allo? Hello, hello! How are you? I have two breaks or cracks, however you want to say it. You see, in those moments, prison feels very attractive. ”

DAY 25/30: “Hello aunt Lily!”
Teita: “Hello darling! Wow, you have fattened up so much!”

DAY 26/30: Ronda: “What are you doing Teita?”
Teita “I’m making a white strap for the Pope’s glasses, for it to match his outfit. I’m going to send 100 to the Vatican, what do you think?”

Teita CEO, CFO and COO of the Teita Startup

DAY 27/100: Teita: “As soon as I learned his death I got diarrhea.”
Parce que les émotions ca ne se juge pas. // Because you can’t judge emotions.

DAY 28/30: Enchainement d’idées impeccable. Teita et les news.
Teita: “Did you know that Bill Gates gave 30 billions to Africa?”
Ronda: “Really?”
Teita: “He gave it to build a foundation for people with AIDS. I read in a magazine that he has kids, and in another one that he doesn’t have kids.”
Ronda: “He has kids.”
Teita: “He does? That makes me happy.”
News by Teita.

DAY 29/30: les jolies chevilles. Un vraie chapitre dans l’éducation d’une femme.
Teita: “When she was a kid, I was massaging your mum’s feet with olive oil because my mum told me: with a little bit of olive oil you will always have pretty ankles. And it’s true. We all have pretty ankles.”


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