I fabricate stories on many medium, which makes it confusing to anyone who isn’t me, and hard to explain quickly.

In this page I try my best to show the range of stories I have fabricated so far. This is non-exhaustive and will be updated regularly but I do hope it will make you want to try them and reach out.



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The Film Log: my current creative challenge is to write, shoot and direct a vlog (a video log) where I share my progress (or not) trying to make my first feature film. As of today, 26 episodes are out. You can watch all the episodes of the Film Log here.

Here is episode 15:

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GizLie Anti Hero Poster

GizLie: Since 2013, I’ve been co-fabricating stories with my creative partner Gizem under the name GizLie. We have an Etsy shop where we share and sell postcards and posters, we are represented by Le Marché Super in France, we are at the Energy Museum and Cihangir Yoga Studio in Istanbul, Turkey, and at Union Station Yoga in London, U.K.

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Since 2013, I’ve taken the habit of taking creative challenges. I’d pick one medium, a set of constraints, and I would create for X number of consecutive days. So far I have completed:

  •  a 365 days creative challenge in 2013: making a timelapse a day for a year (see the video My Year with a GoPro in the videos section below)
  • a 100 days creative challenge in 2015:  Answering the global call made by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent, I’ve created one drawing a day for 100 days between April 13 and July 15 2015, with Ronda Bazooka as the central character. You can see the 100 days of rondas here.

And a 1min video recapping all my drawings here:



  • a 10 days creative challenge in 2016: the challenge for me was to make one Instagram video a day (Instagram was then limited at 15seconds per video) I was traveling in Thailand while I decided to do this challenge. You can watch all the videos here: Nat Creative Break Challenge
  •  a 100 days creative challenge in 2016: the challenge was to create 100 videos on Instagram. while doing it, the app went from 15 seconds to 1 minute long videos. Soon the video recap will be available, in the meantime, you can watch all the videos here: 100 Day of videos 

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Ticking Bomb: I co-wrote, animated and edited an interactive video that offered 16 possible story lines and over 20 minutes of content for the Tribeca/Genero TV contest. We were finalist.

If you would like to keep track of the different storylines, check the little graphic under it:

Ticking Bomb - Interlude - Nathalie Sejean - Gizem Evcin - Tracking Interactive Timelines

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My Year With a GoPro: Between January 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2013 I shot at least one timelapse per day with a GoPro Hero2. For meta info more about the experience, you can read this article.

Between 2008 and 2012, I wrote, directed and edited ten short films. Several of them were selected to Film Festivals, from the San Sebastien Film Festival in Spain, to LFFF in Los Angeles and the Lebanese Film Festival in Beirut, and one of them got me a Panavision Grant that allowed me to shot on film (!).

During that time, I have developed an affinity with lo-sci-fi, that you can see declined within this informal trilogy: DOUBLE (2009), My Status (2010), and Meet Olivia Kerep (2012)

Double (2008)

My Status (2009)

Meet Olivia Kerep (2012)

Over the years I have shot, directed and edited videos for clients in both the United States and in France. I like to favor stories and I have a passion for showing what lies behind-the-scenes.

In September 2016, I shot and edited a short documentary following the creative process of French Artist Maud Gironnay.

One of my favorite experience was following the sax players from the French band Ben L’Oncle Soul during a two-days tour in England:

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Sometimes Infinity Only Lasts 147 Pages - Nathalie Sejean - Graphic Novel - Site

Sometimes Infinity Only Lasts 147 Pages: is a self-published Graphic Novel that follows my journey recovering from a creative burnout. The Graphic Novel has been re-printed, you can order it via Etsy or Le Marché Super (if you’re in France.)

Watch the teaser below:

Stuff We Dont Tell - Graphic Novel on Instagram - Nathalie Sejean

The Stuff We Don’t Tell: a short graphic novel made live on Instagram. The Stuff We Don’t Tell was an experiment in storytelling where I announced I would create a story in 10 pages, making each page in 15 minutes or less, and sharing it live on Instagram. It took 3h. You can read The Stuff We Don’t Tell here.


The Creative Break by Nathalie Sejean

The Creative Break: I have an absolute passion about the mechanism behind creativity and the creative process. The Creative Break is a free pdf you can download here that asks you to take 10 minutes a day to complete a simple exercise, for 7 days. The goal is to give your brain and creative muscle a break, and literally connect dots in a different ways.


How did they write it - ebook - mentorless

How Did They Write It: Is an free eBook for Screenwriters that compiles over 400 examples from 25 screenplays of specific situations written by professional screenwriters, to unlock your creativity and help you stay focused on your story. The eBook has been downloaded over 15,000 times, and you can get your copy here.

HDTWI - 100 Characters - Introducing Characters in Your Screenplay - www.mentorless.com

Introducing 100 Characters: is a direct follow-up to How Did They Write It  and compiles over a hundred examples of characters introduction from 47 screenplays. You can get your free copy here.

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Tapestry was a short lived app on iPhone on which you could create tapable stories that mixed text, images and gifs. For the reader to move forward, she/he had to literally tap on the screen, which allowed for interesting semi-interactive play between the storyteller and the reader.

Between July 2013 (date I discovered the app) and July 2014 (date it closed), I created over 20 stories.

They still exist in an altered version, and you can read them below.

Note: to move forward, you now need to ‘click’ on your screen.
Warning: There is no backward button, so don’t click too quickly.


Small Joys and Little Miseries, a short story written and illustrated by Nathalie Sejean TIME BOX, Ronda Bazooka, Nathalie Sejean, story teller

5 APPS that will make your world a better place, a short story written and illustrated by Nathalie Sejean WE SHOULD DO THIS MORE OFTEN, a short story written and illustrated by Nathalie Sejean

YOU'VE GOT MAIL, a short story written and illustrated by Nathalie Sejean THIS-TIME-WHEN, tapestry, ronda, nathalie sejean

Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 2

Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 3 Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 4

Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 5 Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 6

Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 7  Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 8Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 9 Ronda Bazooka - Tapestry - Nathalie Sejean - Site 10 


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Bassa - Lyrics - Nathalie Sejean

Bassa: I’ve currently written lyrics in english for four songs for the French band Bassa. I’ll make sure to update the site when the songs will be released, but in the meantime you can hear them live when the band plays, and to know that, you can follow their Facebook Page.