Press & Media

Comment Devient-On Une Bonne Histoire ? // TED Talk

ENG: Available with Engish Subtitles here.

Diffuser et engager la révolution romantique // Table Rode Été du Podcast

ENG: A talk about how the romantic revolution is building up a momentum, if it’s possible to create a revolution with love and all things related to Love and la Théorie et la Pratique, our fiction podcast.

Médias, pub, espace public : le regard féminin en tension dans la communication. // Conférence Sciences Po Lille

ENG: Conference about the tension about female gaze and communication in the media, advertising, and public space.

Lancer son Podcast en Confinement // Ground Control

ENG: Talk with Marine Baousson and Mathilde Truong on how to create a podcast during the lockdown.

That Creative Spark! // Article

ENG: Interview with IIDA Magazine (Interior Design Association) on Creative Burnout and recovering from it.

FR : Une interview avec IIDA Magazine (Interior Design Association) sur le burnout créatif et comment s’en remettre.

Les Inspirantes // Rencontres

FR : Invitée pour la 4e rencontre de Les Inspirantes, créé et animée par Hélène Micherolli

ENG: Invited for the 4th meet-up of Les Inspirantes, created and animated by Hélène Micherolli


I Was Just Wondering With Tom Salmon · S1 Ep 12: Nathalie Sejean The Founder of
Coffee with Creatives · Mentorless: Story Fabricator Nathalie Sejean