Like every sapiens, I’ve always been attracted to stories and the art of using my imagination. When I was a kid, in Reims, France, I read a lot of books and watched as many films as I could rent and record on VCRs.

At 17 I bought my first camera and started filming.
At 19 I moved to Paris, France, bought my first Mac and started editing.
At 25 I moved to Los Angeles and started making short films.
At 28 I moved to everywhere and started expanding I how I tell stories.
At 33 I moved to Lille, France and I’m working on my first feature film.

Below is a selected list of short films I’ve made within the last 8 years.

  • 2014: Ticking Bomb (3’30 – Interactive Animation) Finalist of the Tribeca & Genero Interaction Video Contest.
  • 2010: My Status (6’30 – Short Sci-fi Drama) – Official Selection at the Lebanese Film Festival (2010), BabelGum Film Festival (2010), and Lady Filmmaker’s Festival, Los Angeles (2010)
  • 2010: Voilà (11’30 – Short Drama) – Recipient of the Panavision New Filmmaker’s Grant (Shot on Super 16mm)
  • 2009: Double (4’00 – Short Sci-fi) – Official Selection at the San Sebastian Festival 8th International Film School Meeting (2009)