A creative challenge is a daily challenge with a set number of days. It can be as short as a week
and as long as 365 days. Since 2013, I am regularly taking on creative challenges to stretch my creative muscle, my endurance, and specific skills. If you’re wondering where to start, I wrote about how you to pick the right creative challenge for you.

You can discover the different challenges below:


100 Days Challenge
// Currently doing “100 Stories From My Pocket“, a 100 day challenge that mixes photos taken from and drawings made on my phone. It started on April 4th 2017 and will end July 12th. You can follow along on Instagram.

30 Days Challenge
// From January 4th to February 2nd I completed “30 Days of Teita“, a drawing + video animation challenge for 30 days going through memories of my grandmother.


100 Days Challenge
// From April 20th to July 28th 2016, I completed “100 Day of Videos“, 100 videos (video, animation, stop-motion) for Instagram. Between the first day and the last, Instagram went from 15 seconds to 60seconds video.

10 Days Challenge
// From February 13th to February 23rd, I completed a “Creative Break“, that consisted of 10 Instagram videos made during a trip in Thaïland. That little challenge helped me test out making videos for 100 days.


60 Days Challenge
// From September 1st 2015 to November 5th 2015, I completed “Creative Folly“, a 60 days drawing challenge on a notebook. A notebook/a page/a day. There was a one day hiatus to complete a mini live-graphic-novel-making challenge.

100 Days Challenge
// From April 6th to July 14th 2015, I completed “100 Days of Ronda” creating 100 iterations of my alter ego: Ronda Bazooka.


365 Days Challenge
// From January 1st to December 31st 2013, I completed a 365 challenge recording one timelapse a day with a GoPro. The challenge was shared in 2014 as a video compiling one second per day of each timelapse.