Since Spring 2014, I’ve written and self-published one Graphic Novel, and written three ebooks.

  • Sometimes Infinity Only Last 147 Pages. A self-published graphic novel that is a fictionalised version of my journey to get out of a creative burnout, overcome social and personal pressure, and finish ‘something’. You can purchase a physical or a digital copy. Find out more on my shop. Watch a teaser below:

  • How Did They Write It?  is an ebook that compiles over 400 examples from 25 screenplays of specific situations written by professional screenwriters, to unlock your creativity and help you stay focused on your story. The eBook has been downloaded over 12,000 times, and you can get your free copy here.
  • “100 Characters” is an ebook that compiles over a hundred examples of characters introduction from 47 screenplays. It’s an extension of “How Did They Write It” that has been downloaded over 4,000 times and you can get your free copy here.
  • The Creative Break” is an ebook that offers you a creative escape through one simple and practical exercice to repeat each day for 10 days. You can buy a digital copy and start connecting dots immediately. Find out more on my shop.