What I Am Working On Right Now

Hey there!

Thank you for being curious and wanting to understand a bit more about what’s going on in my universe. This page is dedicated to what I’m working on right now, if you’d like to see my past work, you can check my audio work, video work, drawn work, exhibitions and press & media.

People sometimes struggle picturing what a “multi-media storyteller” does. In my case, I usually work on a variety of projects developed on different mediums at the same time

To illustrate what I mean, below is a list of projects I’m actively working on right now


it’s this time of the year where you release everything you’ve been working on !

(AUDIO) the new episode of the podcast Ceci Est Mon Son is coming out October 15

(INTERACTIVE ANIMATION) the interactive music video for Nobody’s Fault But Mine by Irma that I created and directed is coming out beginning of November

(VIDEO + GAME) I am working on the release of Navigation , a game + a short film that I wrote and directed produced by Faiseuse. Coming out November 28, 2020.

(MICRO PUBLISHING) The complete volumes of Quarantzine, the fanzine I created during the French lockdown is currently on sale.