What I Am Working On Right Now

Hey there!

Thank you for being curious and wanting to understand a bit more about what’s going on in my universe. This page is dedicated to what I’m working on right now, if you’d like to see my past work, you can check my audio work, video work, drawn work, exhibitions and press & media.

People sometimes struggle picturing what a “multi-media storyteller” does. In my case, I usually work on a variety of projects developed on different mediums at the same time

To illustrate what I mean, below is a list of projects I’m actively working on right now

July 2020:

Working On:

AUDIO: I am co-writing with Marion Séclin a new audio fiction called La Théorie et la Pratique (Theory and Practice). It’s the second audio fiction produced by Faiseuse after Conscience.

VIDEO: I am editing the short fiction Navigation that I wrote and directed for Faiseuse.

WRITING: I am working on a collection of Books to Connect

Released in July :

AUDIO: Before the Dawn, a podcast where I interview the singer, songwriter, and producer IRMA. In each episode, she deconstructs the creative process behind one of the song of her third album, The Dawn.