Hey there, I’m Nathalie.

I am an audio & visual storyteller.

I write and direct films.
I draw.
I record stories.
I like to experiment with mediums and I particularly love it when I can create stories that ask for people’s participation.

My work circles around the themes of communication, perception, and success.

If you’d like to see how this translate, here is a link to my portfolio showcasing selected work.

I find purpose in creating stories, deconstructing the creative process, and sharing my findings, which is why I also run mentorless.com where I curate content I find interesting for our Protopia.

I’m currently part of Faiseuse, a production structure that we created to bypass gatekeepers to offer new and different stories. In October 2019 we launched the first Epistaudio Fiction, Conscience, and we are currently developing several new projects that include films, books and a musical. And it all started with a pin’s.  

If you are curious, like to question everything and make stuff, we should hang out, we’ll probably get along.

The best way to reach out is to send me an email. I’m old school like that.
If you’re into socials, you can find me on  Instagram at @mentorless.


Watch My TEDx Talk to Find Out What I Think About